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We are a combination of long-term expats, local Taiwanese, and short-term visitors united on the ultimate field. 

There are always local tournaments - and plenty of international ones! - that we look forward to. 

We play regularly throughout the week; check out the Play With Us! page for all the details. The weather's warm enough to play year-round, so come join us!

Renegade Province 飛盤隊是一群來自世界各地短期遊客、本地台灣人以及在台灣長期居留的僑民之組合,我們的練習時間為週日下午,而平日練習時間為週三晚上在新莊體育場玩。常會參加台灣國內的比賽以及國外比賽,而且台灣氣候很適合,一年四季都可以玩,歡迎你踴躍參與!