About Asia Ultimate

Ultimate in Asia is growing stronger and better! Check out the links below for more information:

The Game
Asian Teams

  • Chinese Taipei Flying Disc Association (CTFDA): The local Taiwan governance of disc that has government sponsorship for representation in international tournaments. (Chinese only)
  • Whisby Nation: One of Taiwan's premier club teams featuring foreigners and Taiwanese from around the island
  • Arctic Stars: Taichung's main club team
  • Hao Cool: Tainan's main club team
  • Ultimaholix - MIT: Taiwan's premier club team featuring an all Taiwanese Roster
  • Kaohsiung Love: Kaohsiung's team of foreigners and Taiwanese, which also runs a Kaohsiung League
  • Asia Women Ultimate: Not an actual team but, rather, a Facebook group for the women in the region who play
  • Bangkok Ultimate: Soi Dawgz is composed of Thais and expats, and they are regular attendees at international tournaments
  • Beijing Ultimate: Big Brother is watching you!
  • Hanoi Ultimate: Expats and locals run play in Vietnam 
  • Hong Kong Ultimate Players' Association (HKUPA): HKUPA is an officially recognized sports body in Hong Kong. They play and promote the sport of ultimate within Hong Kong and throughout the greater China region
  • India Ultimate: The one-stop information for teams and tournaments within India, as well as musings from the players
  • Indonesia Ultimate: The Seksiest ultimate team in the region
  • Japan Ultimate: IKU is a co-ed team based in Tokyo who often participate internationally and in Japan
  • Korea Ultimate Players' Association (KUPA): Not to be confused with the Korea Ultimate Association, KUPA runs the awesome Jeju tournament in the spring and sponsors the growth of ultimate on the Korean peninsula
  • Malaysia Ultimate: Hosts of the annual Malaysia Ultimate Open in May
  • Philippines Ultimate Association (PUA): PUA is the governing body of all disc-related sports and activities in the Philippines. They are a non-stock, non-profit volunteer organization of enthusiastic ultimate players who organize regular pick-up games
  • Saigon Ultimate: Started in 2004, Saigon runs regular games and hosts its hat tournament every December
  • Shanghai Ultimate Players Association (SUPA): Hosts of the Shanghai Ultimate tournament since 1999, SUPA also runs leagues and pick-up in Shangai
  • Singapore Ultimate Players' Association: A voluntary, non-profit organization, they run leagues in Singapore and host the annual Singapore Ultimate Open