What do I bring?
A light, a dark, 1-2L of water, and running shoes or cleats! Don't forget sunscreen for those Sunday afternoons - and socks!

Who can play?
You! We welcome everyone of all levels and abilities to join us. Our Sunday pick-up games are a little more casual, and foreigners are the majority. Weeknight games involve more scrimmages with a local college team, National Taiwan Sports University (NTSU). Ultimate is easy to pick-up, and we're more than happy to help you master the basics. Come join us!

How can I stay updated?
For real-time updates on cancellations, pick-up status, throwing meet-ups, and more, follow us on Facebook under Renegade Province Ultimate

What about the weather?
If there's no lightning, we will usually play, but stay tuned for posts in our Facebook group. 

What about commitment?
We don't enforce attendance or require a certain level of commitment. You're welcome to come whenever you can make it!

What is ultimate?
Best question of all! Ultimate is an exciting, no-contact team sport that combines the best of soccer, basketball, and football into the game. We play with a disc (commonly known as a "frisbee"), and the game does not involve referees, being governed instead by The Spirit of the Game. Read more about ultimate, the rules, the spirit, and other information here

Can I buy discs or jerseys?
Email Yi Shan at yishan1127@gmail.com availability on gear.

Where can I buy cleats?
We recommend the sports shops behind Gongguan MRT Exit 1. There are several to check out, but in particular we've liked one store in the past - map here. Or feel free to post on our Facebook group asking others for more input or extra cleats to sell/borrow!