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Jeju 2013: Dirty Dozens

posted Feb 6, 2013, 10:12 PM by Renegade Ulty   [ updated Feb 6, 2013, 10:21 PM ]
The info for Jeju has finally landed! It'll be held April 13-14 with a 5-2 co-ed format as usual. 

For more information, click here.

Taiwan and Taipei won't be sending any teams, but individual players should definitely go! Two years ago, the Taipei club team Whisby Nation made it into finals until they lost to Iku (Japan) on a heartbreaking universe point. Check out this sweet video from James Mainland:

Jeju Dirty Dozens 2011- Whisby Nation Highlights

And Tamir (Japan) uploaded the entire finals on YouTube:

Jeju Finals 2011 - IKU vs Whisby Nation - Part 1

Jeju Dirty Dozen 2011 Finals - IKU vs Whisby Nation - Part 2

Jeju Dirty Dozen 2011 Finals - IKU vs Whisby Nation - End

WHOA DID THAT GET ANYBODY ELSE JUICED?! I am totally pumped and I can't even go. Sadly, there is no direct flight from Taipei to Jeju (as far as I'm aware), but make it a weekend getaway to Seoul! GO REP THE T-P-E, GET DIRTY, AND PLAY JEJU.