Play With Us!

If suiting up in cleats and chasing disc is your idea of awesome, then come and play with us! We welcome everyone of all ages and experience! 

Summer/Fall 2016

Wednesdays: Xinzhuang fields are closed until July, and we currently have no back-up field for weeknight games. Wednesdays are canceled until further notice. 

Sundays Mornings: 10:00-12:00. Pick-up is open to everyone! We play 百齡橋橄欖球場 Bailing Rugby Fields near Jiantan MRT on the red line. Check out the "Bailing Fields Facebook Page" or the Google Map below for more details, or email the contacts below to be sure.  


Contact these people: 

  • Joanna Stack //
  • Chet Flaum //
Find us on our Facebook page here.

Sunday Morning Pickup at Bailing Bridge Directions

Directions to the Bailing Bridge fields

Address: 111台北市士林區通河東街一段

              Tonghe East Street, Section 1, Shilin District, Taipei 111

Bailing Bridge

Exit Jiantan MRT Exit 2 and make a right toward the main road, Jiantan Road (劍潭路). Make a left at the main road and walk for about 10-15 minutes. This is now toward the general direction of the riverside. The road will more or less end at a massive wall; search for stairs nearby (there are stairs periodically placed along the whole stretch of the riverside park). The riverside park is on the other side of the wall. The fields go on for quite a while, so make sure to keep looking if you don't see us right away.

Additional Fields that aren't currently in use for ultimate


(The fields below are for reference only)

Directions to the Xinzhuang fields

Address: 242台灣新北市新莊區公園路中華路一段

              242 New Taipei City, Xinzhuang District, Gongyuan Road and Zhonghwa Road Section 1

Xinzhuang Stadium

The fields are located near MRT Xinzhuang. Take the orange line going toward MRT Huilong, about 30 minutes from MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng. Alight at MRT Xinzhuang and head out Exit 1. Turn right at Exit 1 and make another right. Walk about 400m down a street lit with blue lights. At the first major intersection, there will be the Xinzhuang Gymnasium on the right-hand side. The fields (track & field stadium) are behind the gymnasium. 

Directions to the Dahan Bridge fields (板橋大漢橋場地)

Address: 220新北市板橋區   環河道路  與   民生路三段   街口

              220 New Taipei City, Banqiao District, Intersection of Huanhe Road / Minsheng Road, Section 3

Dahan Bridge

The fields are located near MRT Xinpu. Take exit 5 and veer right, walking straight until you reach the end of the road, where there is a riverside wall (about 10-15 minutes). Cross over the wall and go to the fields on the right side, past the baseball fields. There is a large, noticeable IKEA store across the river.

Directions to the Cailiao fields (Sanchong fields)

Address: (三重綜合體育場) 241台灣新北市三重區中正北路2號
              241 New Taipei City, Sanchong District, Zhongzheng North Road, No. 2

Sanchong Stadium

The fields are located 150m away from MRT Cailiao, which is on the orange line. From MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng, take the train going toward MRT Fu Jen University, about 15 minutes. Alight at MRT Cailiao and come out Exit 3. Turn left, cross the street, and the fields are ahead.