Singapore Ultimate Open 2012

posted Sep 18, 2012, 11:15 PM by Renegade Ulty   [ updated Sep 19, 2012, 11:40 PM ]
Taiwan sent 9 players to 3 teams this year at Singapore Ultimate Open. Rejoining last year's champion team Mo'chi were Britt and Katherine, and first-time players with Mo'chi included Laura, Kuohsun, A-han, and Tingyi. Playing with another ringer team, Firestarters from Indonesia, were Summer (Xiatian) and Yi-hui. Tim played with Balut, a ringer team from the Philippines. 

In Pool C, Firestarters had a strong start on Day 1, going 3-1 in their pool, and they gave Shiok A and Lagi Shiok (Shiok B) a tough run starting in pre-quarters on Day 2. Their last game on Sunday was against Chuckies (Singapore), ending their day 0-3.

Summer and Yi-hui

As last year's champion, Mo'chi was looking to defend its title and started off with a 4-0 record on Saturday against Zero Displacement (Singapore), Mulatto (Philippines), Shiok (last year's runner-up champions), and Balut (with Tim!). In pre-quarters on Day 2, Mo'chi handily defeated SMU and then Zero Displacement in quarters, setting up an intense semis game against TP (Team Philipinas), the same team that had just played in Worlds in Japan in July. TP snagged a few breaks from the beginning, though, and in spite of a number of strong comeback plays from Mo'chi, the game eventually resulted in a heartbreaking loss to TP, who proceeded to defeat Shiok on universe point in the finals to become this year's SUO champions. 

Team Mo'chi

Watch the whole finals game here (32 minutes):

Or watch the universe point for TP vs. Shiok here:

Fantastic playing from everyone at SUO. The next international tournament for Taiwan is Manila Spirits in mid-November - we'll be represented on two teams! STOKED. 

[Edit: Firestarters went 3-1 on Day 1, not 0-3.]