Taiwan Seasonal Tournament: Hsinchu

posted Jun 25, 2013, 1:59 AM by Renegade Ulty   [ updated Jun 25, 2013, 1:59 AM ]
在經過這次的例行賽中,起初的落後3:0確實影響到我們的士氣,但在整個比賽過程中,發揮了每個人的韌性,這次跟 MIT 的比賽,他們的 zone 真的很難破,但也因為如此,讓我們學習了耐心,這是一場相當棒的君子之爭,而這次 Dreamers 的選手大部份是我們WN的選手,大家都有更上一層的成長,相信對我們 WN 能有正面的影響,另外,逸暉也獲得此次賽事的 MVP

Huge congrats to the Whisby/Dreamer team that won Taiwan's season tournament against MIT this past weekend. An initial hole of 0-3 was difficult to overcome, as was the zone thrown by MIT. But in a weekend full of tough games, they dug in and rallied back, learning to use patience en route to a final victory - all good things for these WN players. Also, congrats to tournament MVP Yi-hui!